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The Hoodies Experience Where You Always Come First

Brown Gap Hoodie is a company dedicated solely to supplying a high quality, affordable, and fashionable collection of brown hoodies that you all love so much. Aside from offering the best value product in the market, our professional representatives are best known to provide satisfying after-sales services. People who buy from our brand will always receive the exact same design they saw on our website. The world is full of uncertainties, and we can never guarantee the desired outcome every time. To overcome this, we provide solutions to any and every problem our customers face and ensure that their problems are thoroughly resolved. Because our company always puts you first. We employ an advanced quality control system that uses both an automatic and manual system to assess the quality of the products being shipped out. Meaning there are little to no chances of receiving the wrong or a faulty product. And even if you do, we are here to help you out in every way we can! To better understand of how we operate, here are our Terms & Condition Policies:

Age Limitation:

To ensure that our business operations remain completely responsible, we impose an age restriction on our platform. Customers who are below the age of 18 will not be allowed to make purchases.

Private Information:

We respect our valuable customers and will never do anything to breach their trust. It can be a difficult thing to trust an online company with your personal and sensitive data, but rest assured, because we do everything by the book. We hereby declare that your information will not be misused or sold off to any other third party for a profit. Our online platform is completely safe and is protected by the latest Cyber Security Protocols. Your information is perfectly safe with us.

Transaction Methods:

At our company, we want to ensure an accessible and seamless experience through and through. And to serve that purpose, we have integrated almost every popular mode of transaction in the online world. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Western Union, American Express, Wire Transfer, and Money Order.

Shipping & Delivery Services:

We understand the moment our customers place an order, they can’t wait to get their hands on our quality hoodies and show off their style. That’s why we try to make sure that your order reaches you as soon as possible. And so, we have partnered up with only the best shipping and delivery companies in the business. The moment your order is prepared, it is immediately shipped off to your country. Our delivery partners then pick up your package and safely transport it to the pinpoint location you provided in the address section of the online form. We commit to our customers that their orders will be delivered within 7-12 working days. However, there can be external factors beyond our control that could impact and prolong the delivery time. We ask for your cooperation. For the customers living in the USA, there is some fantastic news! We provide absolutely free shipping for all US orders.


The best part about our brand and what customers love the most is the price we charge. Despite providing a higher level of quality and the latest design collections, we still manage to offer the lowest prices in the entire market. You won’t find better hoodies or costs anywhere else!

Return & Exchange:

We completely understand that when ordering online, it’s important that the vendor you buy from offers return and exchange in the event you receive the wrong or a defective product. And that’s why our representatives are always available to listen to your valid requests and provide you with the solution required to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Just a reminder, it’s not necessary for the hoodie inside to be defective or torn just because the package is slightly damaged. Please, check the product thoroughly and contact us only if you find a visible error.

Around the Clock Support – Response With 12 Hour’s Time

Responding to our valuable customers is among the top priorities. We understand how irritating it is to not receive a reply for a long time from the platform you buy. That’s why we try to offer our customers 24/7 support around the clock. Please note that we receive hundreds of emails daily, which is why we will get back to you in 12 hour’s time!

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