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We Deliver Exactly What You Order

One of the worst things that can happen when buying hoodies from an online store is receiving a cheap knockout for the expensive price you paid. Brown Gap Hoodie aims to create an online platform where people receive exactly what they ordered and get the value for their money every single time. To serve that purpose, we only accept professionals with a proven track record as our partners. For our shipping needs of our products, these are the companies we rely on:

  • DPEX

Customers who decide to buy from us will always receive the best after-sales services. No product leaves our warehouses without getting examined by our strict quality control and only when the piece qualifies, it is packed into secure packages and sent out to be delivered. The customers living in the US will be excited to know that we offer Free Deliveries for all US Orders!

We created the following shipping policies to allow our customers to better understand our shipping methods. Please read them carefully before placing your order.

  • After placing the order, once your hoodie is ready, it is immediately dispatched to the address you provided.
  • Customers will receive their orders within 12-15 working days provided no external complication occurs.
  • Custom designs will always need more effort because our designers need to put in more time to add the unique alterations requested.
  • We and our partners always aim to deliver within the time frame given. All we ask is that you try to be as patient and cooperative as you can.
  • Please make sure you enter the correct address when filling in the order form so that the delivery reaches you on time.
  • Despite our efforts to ensure that the parcel reaches you on time, there are external factors beyond our control that can keep us from doing so.
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