Privacy Policy

In order to create a fully satisfying business experience, a company must first become fully transparent with its operations and keep nothing hidden from the customers that directly or indirectly affects them. That’s why Brown Gap Hoodie has created a page dedicated to information that helps us become fully transparent with our customers. Before deciding which one of our hoodies you want, you should know what our privacy policies are and how they affect your personal information. Our main aim to is to ensure that our valuable buyers always have access to the epic hoodie collection we offer all year round.

If you are wondering why a hoodie company needs your personal information, we need it to process the transaction so that you can get your hands on the amazing hoodies you desire. Please rest assured, we will never collect your private and sensitive data unnecessarily or without your consent. Our operations will always ask for your personal data and keep it secure in our database, protected by the latest cyber security protocols. Your data is safe and will never be shared with third parties, so you have nothing to worry about. It’s also worth noting that our company strictly follows the international business guidelines provided by your local government. Everything we do follows the guidelines of the law.

What Type of Information We Record

Every customer is valuable and every action they perform on our platform is critical information for us that allows us to better our services. The advanced AI systems we employ automatically record all the user activities, which we analyze in order to identify the success rate of our promotional and sales campaigns, web edits, and the general user-interface experience. We only require basic information from you like your name, gender, age, etc. and will never use this data for illegal purposes.

Why We Need Your Personal Information

If you are still unsure as to why we need your sensitive data, please read through our Privacy Policies to clear away all your doubts. These policies outline the circumstances where we reserve the right to collect and use your personal data to better our online operations.

  • Customer’s shopping history is one of the most vital personal information we require since it allows us to accurately identify which hoodie collections do they love the most. It helps us understand their buying behavior and attitude. Having this data put us in the perfect position to offer the best value deals and product collections too our buyers.
  • The personal information we collect, and store also helps us in improving the customer’s overall shopping experience. Since our systems keep accurate records, we know how their experience was and thus can take actions to introduce improvements and offer compensation.
  • We will always ask for your personal data and never acquire it through illegal means.
  • Please understand that the only reason for us to store your personal data is either to process transactions or make the customer’s shopping experience better.
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