Cancellation Policy

The Brown Gap Hoodie brand aims to be one that properly looks after the needs, requirements, and requests of its customers. We intend to always go that extra mile to serve our valued customers with the best hoodie collections and unrivaled after sales service in the market. As much as we want to impose every lenient business policy there is, we must ensure that, at the end of the day, our business operations are sustainable as well as our customers are happy. To serve this purpose, we offer our clients a chance to cancel their order, provided they fit the criteria we have set beforehand. In order to make sure there aren’t any misunderstandings and miscommitment, we urge every one of our customers to thoroughly read through our cancellation policies and understand them before placing their order. We hope our valued customers understand the need for such policies and fully cooperate with us. Rest assured, we will always supply the best quality hoodies to our valuable buyers.

The below mentioned terms will apply on every order cancellation request with our company:

  • Customers can only demand for order cancellation if their order for one or more of our hoodies has not left our warehouse. It will be unfair to our hardworking team of designer, manufacturer and distributor to cancel the order once it is fully ready and already on its way to the customer.
  • Once the customer qualifies for our cancellation program, there are various other policies that determine the amount of refund they are eligible for. Don’t worry, we employ a very fair scale to decide whether the customers will receive a full refund or there will be a deduction to it for valid reasons. All refunds are done directly into the bank accounts used by the customers.
  • In case the customer contacts us within 24 hours after confirming their order, we will happily accept their cancellation request and issue a 100% refund. Our manufacturing process takes at least 24 hours to begin and since we have incurred no cost or put in any effort into the making of the order, it’s only fair that the customers receive a full amount.
  • If the customer requests for order cancellation after 24 hours, they will qualify for a refund but will receive 70% of the total amount they paid [Product Cost + Shipment]. The reason we are deducting 30% of the cost is because our professional craftsmen have already started working on the order by this time and have invested their time, effort, and company resources into it.
  • Any customer that contacts us and asks for cancellation after 48 hours of placing their order will only receive the shipment expense they paid for. After 48 hours, a lot of work has already been carried out by our team and the hoodie that the customer ordered will be nearly finished. Since the hoodie hasn’t been shipped, it’s only fair we return that amount. We hope you can agree to this policy, especially since 48 hours is more than enough time to rethink your decision.
  • For those customers who ask for cancellation once their product is out for delivery will not qualify for any kind of refund since we have already paid for the shipping to your mentioned address.

After placing the order, if our customers have second thoughts, we urge them to take immediate action and cancel as soon as possible to avoid any type of unpleasant consequence. We offer customer support around the clock. Keep in mind that we receive hundreds if not thousands of queries every day and will get back to you within 12 hours. Also, do note that there is no reason to cancel an order if you made a mistake while entering their delivery address. All that needs to be done is contact our customer support team and have them correct the error.

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